Our next Youth Ballet will be Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Bacon Theatre in Cheltenham on Friday 25th February 2022.

The next Youth ballet will take place over the following dates:

Costume Call: 16th January

Sunday Rehearsals: 23rd, 30th January and 6th, 13th, 20th February

Half Term Rehearsals: Monday 21st - Thursday 24th February

Performances: Friday 25th February

Our last Youth Ballet production was The Nutcracker Trailer 2019:  External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://youtu.be/fofLFmA3_DM

We are so proud of our dancers and grateful to the parents for their support during the 2019 production of The Nutcracker. It was wonderful to see pupils grow in confidence throughout the process and see a boost in enthusiasm in their weekly classes. There was an impressive morale amongst the cast of dancers which contributed significantly to the success of the production. A very proud weekend for our school.

Below are some of the lovely comments that have come in from parents and audience members:

“You have nurtured so many good dancers - at all levels and this was the perfect ballet to showcase their talent.”

“Exceeds all expectations. All the dancers, the choreography, the costumes, the props. Wow, wow”

“Thank you all for working as hard as you do and thank you to all the tremendous dancers for their commitment and dedication. We are blown away.”

“Well done on the most amazing performance of the Nutcracker ever.”

“It was clear that a large number of people, not least the commitment of the parents, had contributed to the success. I had no idea of what to expect but it certainly wasn’t the colourful, enthusiastic and inspiring performance which we saw!”

“A really magnificent show.”

“I found the show today absolutely mesmerising - the dancing, choreography, costumes and the obvious enjoyment of everyone involved was wonderful.”

“I can only imagine how much work you’ve all put in behind the scenes over the last few months.”

"We all had so much fun back stage. It was a great weekend."

"I have one very enthralled little girl at home, who has been twirling and dancing non-stop since the show yesterday!"

"My daughter is buzzing from the whole experience, and waiting impatiently for the next one!"

"Thank you all for all your hard work and commitment too, in giving them all an experience they won’t forget."

"It was a spectacular and magical production. Our children are so lucky to have such dedicated and talented teachers."

"It was an absolutely impeccably executed show. What talent and choreography."

“I realised a year ago when my daughter started with you that she is now part of something very special”


About Youth Ballet

We have an increasing number of strong dancers coming through the school who dedicate many hours a week to their dance training. Some of whom have won places on associate programmes with the country’s most prestigious vocational schools.
Youth Ballet is a platform for all our dancers to feed their passion for dance and utilise the skills and hard work being executed throughout the year. It also allows us to guide them on how to conduct themselves during the process of a production and how to work effectively and empathetically as a cast member. It is a great opportunity for the younger dancers at the school to see the work ethic of the older dancers, giving them something to aspire to in their teenager years.

Ballet is a physical art form that gives so much to young bodies and minds, much of which they glean from their weekly classes. However, for many young dancers, another important aspect is about ‘taking it to the stage’. Ballet is, after all, a performing art. Youth Ballet brings them the experience of the production as a whole; music, props, costumes, make up, and what seems to be most magical for many of them - being part of a cast.

In March 2019 we launched the Youth Ballet in order to provide our young dancers with the opportunity to participate in, create and perform a ballet. Youth Ballet is open students from school year 3 and above.