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It is almost time for our next dance school show. Our bi annual show is a very exciting opportunity for our pupils to not only showcase their work but to perform on a stage.

The Show venue will be at the Cotswold school on Saturday 24th March for all children who attend classes in Burford or Bourton and Sunday 25th March for children who attend classes in Stow or Moreton. Children in grade 4 and over will perform in all four shows.

Dress Rehearsal Times - Sunday 18th March
10.00am -11.00am - All Burford Ballet Pupils
11.00am -12.30pm - All Bourton Ballet Pupils
12.30pm - 1.30pm - All Modern and Tap Pupils Years 1-6
1.30pm - 3.00pm - All Moreton Ballet Pupils
3.00pm - 4.30pm - All Stow Ballet Pupils
4.30pm -7.00pm - All Seniors - all from grade 4 and above. Friday Classes, Beccys Master Classes and Contemporary Classes

Show Times
Burford Pupils Saturday 24th March at 2pm
Bourton pupils Saturday 24th March at 5pm

Moreton Pupils Sunday 25th March at 2pm
Stow Pupils Sunday 25th March at 5pm

Pupils attending  Grade 4 and over plus Grade 3A Stow Class will be performing in all four shows.

Modern Pupils who attend classes in Bourton will attend both shows on Saturday.
Modern Pupils who attend classes in Moreton will attend both shows on Sunday.

All pupils must arrive 1 hour before the show time so we can get them ready.

Parents will not be allowed to watch the Dress Rehearsal.

Information on where and how to purchase tickets for the show will be sent out after half term.

Putting on the show is great fun for all involved. We do rely on the generosity of you, our parents to help. This could be on the day or beforehand. We do need a team of helpers back stage to help children get into and out of their costumes and to do the children’s hair. You will need to have a CRB check and be able to show us your certificate. If you are handy with a sewing machine and would like to help make costumes or if you’ve an artistic hand and would like to make props please let us know. We are of course able to pay for materials but our aim is to raise as much as possible for our chosen charity. We have not yet chosen who we are going to support this time so if you have involvement with a children’s charity you feel we could support please let us know.   If you have any further queries regarding the show please get in touch or speak to us at classes .

This year our chosen charity is 'Dreamflight'.
Each year Dreamflight takes 192 children aged 8-14 with a serious illness or diability on the holiday of a lifetime to the theme parks of Orlando, Florida.

Dreamflight charters a B747 aircraft and flies at just 26,000 feet to enable children with respatory conditions to fly. They turn 1st Class into a mini hospital. Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists volunteer their time and skills to take the children for a 10 day trip on this amazing holiday of a lifetime.
The trip costs around £750,000 and is fundraised for throughout the year.
We are delighted to be supporting this amazing charity this year and hope to raise as much as we can for them.