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Don't forget clocks go forward Saturday Night!

Please arrive 1 hour before your child's performance time so we can get them ready.

All children need to be signed in and out upon arrival in the Cotswold school reception area, this can take a while so please be patient, the safety of the children is our main priority.

Children who will be performing in all four shows will be allowed to be taken out inbetween shows if time allows but they MUST be signed out and back in again.

All performers will wear a little stage make up. If they do not wish to wear make up they do not have to.

All performers will need to come in their ballet uniform (Leotard, crossover, socks and ballet shoes) with a onesie or tracksuit over the top. They will not need character shoes or skirts (unless they have been told to bring character shoes as part of their costume) so please leave these at home. 
Please ensure every item is clearly marked with your child's name.

We will do their hair but please make sure it is brushed through before leaving them with us. We have a 'hair team' but with so many heads of hair to do in a short space of time, brushing through knotty hair takes up valuable time.

No chocolate or sugary drinks backstage please. Water is fine and clean fruit or snack bars. We have some very expensive costumes back stage and dont want them ruined by spillages.

If children are in two shows they will need to bring tea with them and plenty of water.

Absolutely no nuts back stage please as we have several children with severe nut allergies.

No costumes are to go home with anybody.

Beccy, Charlie and I will be backstage at all times with your children along with a great team of helpers so please do not worry about them.

The shows are approximately 2 hours long including an interval. Unfortunately we have been let down by the people who were going to provide refreshments so please bring your own.

In order to get your children back to you as quickly as possible we will be asking all adults to vacate the auditorium except for one per family who can collect your child as we bring them through and sign them out.

If you have any further queries please drop us an email. Otherwise thank you all for your patience at the dress rehersal on Sunday and for making it in what with the treacherous conditions outside! We are very much looking forward to showing you all that we have been working on in class.

Show Times - All pupils must arrive at least one hour before these times!

Burford Pupils Saturday 24th March at 2pm
Bourton pupils Saturday 24th March at 5pm

Moreton Pupils Sunday 25th March at 2pm
Stow Pupils Sunday 25th March at 5pm

Pupils attending  Grade 4 and over plus Grade 3A Stow Class will be performing in all four shows.

Modern Pupils who attend classes in Bourton will attend both shows on Saturday.
Modern Pupils who attend classes in Moreton will attend both shows on Sunday.

All pupils must arrive 1 hour before the show time so we can get them ready.



if you have not managed to collect your tickets they will be available to collect at the show from the reception area.

Tickets are £7 each. We do have a few tickets left for some of the performances if you wish to purchase any more on the day. Please bring cash for additional tickets.

This year our chosen charity is 'Dreamflight'.

Each year Dreamflight takes 192 children aged 8-14 with a serious illness or diability on the holiday of a lifetime to the theme parks of Orlando, Florida.

Dreamflight charters a B747 aircraft and flies at just 26,000 feet to enable children with respatory conditions to fly. They turn 1st Class into a mini hospital. Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists volunteer their time and skills to take the children for a 10 day trip on this amazing holiday of a lifetime.
The trip costs around £750,000 and is fundraised for throughout the year.
We are delighted to be supporting this amazing charity this year and hope to raise as much as we can for them.  


We will take photos backstage of each group. These will be available next term.
There will be a DVD of the show. Forms to order these will be on your seats at each performance.
NO photos or DVD footage to be released on Public Media.