We have several adult classes on offer. We offer both daytime and evening classes in Ballet and Tap for all abilities and ages.

The health benefits of dance, especially ballet are well documented, but it is only now that adults of all ages are returning to the barre.

Dr Ann Hogan, Director of Education for the R.A.D says "People age 50  upwards are looking for a type of exercise that suits their body. High impact exercises such as running are not going to be beneficial to most in that age group. Ballet helps refine balance, flexibility and core strength. These are key to maintaining anyone's health but are especially important at that age."

For younger adults the opportunity to learn a new skill or refresh an old passion is proving increasingly popular.

Our adult classes are also sociable, providing the opportunity to perform to music and are technically challenging. Evidence shows that dancing was found to be the most effective activity to ward of deterioration of the brain.

You are never too old to learn to dance, our oldest ballerina is a magnificent 75 years young!

Please see our adult classes below.