We run various adult ballet classes for a range of abilities. Some classes are more general and others are more ability specific. Below is a list of the classes we offer with information regarding the standard of the classes.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Key Points

Venue: Upper Rissington Village Hall

Parking: Village Hall car park  

Access: Through main entrance  

Entering the premises: 

  • Do not enter the building until 5 minutes before the start of your class 
  • Ensure you stay 2 metres apart when entering the building and keep to the left as you come through the main doors 
  • You must have your own hand sanitiser and apply it on arrival
  • Refrain from touching doors where possible; we will prop open as many doors as possible 

Participation during class 

  • Adult students must maintain a 2 metre distance during class

Exiting the premises 

  • Adult students will leave the hall via the fire exit to the back of the hall

Class Outline

This class focuses on the basic elements of technique introducing some of the technical terms used in classical ballet. This class is usually attended by complete beginners however, some people like to take this class to improve their technique whilst also taking a more advanced class alongside it.

This class is for those who have been undertaking ballet classes for a few years and are comfortable with the basics.

This class is for those with more experience and who are happy to take it at a faster pace with more complex exercises.

You are welcome to wear anything you like for adult ballet as long as you can move freely and safely. Some ladies like to wear leggings and t shirts/sports tops and others like to wear leotards, tights and skirts. It really depends on what you’re comfortable in. It is best to wear some sort of dance shoe; ballet shoes work well however, if you have any problems with your feet then dance trainers might be more comfortable (and allow room for innersoles etc if required).

Trial Class
We offer a free trial class to anyone wanting to start classes at the school. Please email us to book yourself a trial class: sheilapricedance@yahoo.co.uk

Fees are paid termly unless you would like to discuss alternative arrangements with us. Once you are added to our database you will be emailed an invoice which gives you an option to pay online or by bank transfer. You are also welcome to pay by cheque or cash handed to us in class, in an envelope with your name and class printed on the front. Terms are usually between 10 - 12 weeks long with a break for half term.