We offer exams in RAD ballet and ISTD modern to those who are interested but they are not compulsory. We also offer in-house assessments as an alternative which gives the pupils the experience of an exam without the pressure of having to reach exam standard.

Update on Spring and Summer exams/assessments 2020

I was keen to hold assessments and exams for those who were due to take one at the end of the Spring and Summer terms. However, on further reflection and as the situation has developed over the summer, I have decided that it would be best for the students to return to class in the correct grade for their year group without taking the previous grade’s exam or assessment. I feel that all students will have some degree of catching up to do at school and elsewhere, and I would like dancing to be a place they can come to that is free of this. I would really like them to return to class with no pressure and just get used to our new normal. We will ensure they reach the correct standard and strength for their year group as we work through the syllabus.

Our Year 8 to 13 students will be submitting a video entry for their next exam to keep them on track to reach Grade 8 by the end of Year 13.