Upcoming Exams

In House Modern Exams - Saturday 22nd June - Bourton Leisure Centre

ISTD Modern Exams - Sunday 23rd June - Bourton Leisure Centre

RAD Ballet Exams - Sunday 7th July - Bourton Leisure Centre

In House Ballet Exams - Sunday 30th June - Bourton Leisure Centre

RAD Ballet Exam Times Sunday 7th July

10.00am - 10.35am

Wiktoria Twardowska - Olivia Bazeley

10.35am - 11.25am

Eve Blantz - Anna McLaren - Martha Ziebeck - Poppy White

11.40am - 12.25pm

Lily Lusty - Jessica Souch - Laila Beer - Charlotte Bayliss

12.25pm - 13.15pm

Charlotte Plant - Katie Havill - Maisie Maddison - Maite Capper

14.15pm - 15.05pm

Elizabeth Rowson - Phoebe Brazil - Julia Corcos-Conisbee - Emma Trubshaw

15.05pm - 15.50pm

Emily Chambers - Gracie Hurrell - Olivia Pryor

16.05pm - 16.55pm

Celia Darwent - Sophie Thompson - Matilda Arnell - Katie Holliss

16.55pm - 17.40pm

Martha Hemming - Olivia Lampard - Annabel Ade-Hall - Lola Oades

Please arrive an hour before your exam time so we can get you ready and warmed up.

Ensure you have a clean uniform with an ironed character skirt and shoes if required.

We will have ballet tights and socks for sale on the day. Satin ballet shoes will also be available to hire.

ISTD Modern Exam Times Sunday 23rd June

10.00am - 10.35am

Daisy Shaw - Lily Elsdon - Isla Hayes - Lyla Daniels

10.35am - 11.05am

Caitlin Culloty - Franczeska Kokoszka - Monty Fleetwood - Helena Ashbridge

11.20am - 12.05pm

Sophie Thompson - Tilly Arnell

12.05pm - 12.35pm

Abigail Ayrey - Amelia Hayward - Maria Smith

12.35pm - 13.20pm

Isla Bradford - Jessica Blantz - Trixie Chiles - Florence Arnell

13.50pm - 14.20pm

Eliza Brunyee - Abigail Tindal-Robertson - Molly Ray - Florence Albrecht

14.20pm - 14.55pm

Olivia Smith - Rowan Large - Laura Cooper - Chloe Krzywiec

14.55pm - 15.50pm

Kezia Mountain - Darcey Thompson - Charlotte Davis

Pupils will need to arrive an hour before their exam to get ready and warmup. We ask that you leave your child with us to ready once they are happy and settled. When their exam has finished they will be free to go.

Female candidates: we will provide a catsuit for them to wear however, they will need to bring a very plain, very tight fitting pair of knickers, please.

Male candidates: Please bring their white leotards - we will provide shorts.

Grade 5's: we will discuss attire with you in class.

All dancers will be barefoot for the exam.