There are currently no online classes running. We are pleased to say our classes have return to the studio for face-to-face classes and hope this remains the case.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure these safety guidelines are adhered to for online classes:

Using Zoom

  • Parents will need to create a Zoom account
  • Each class will be accessed via a class specific link which will be emailed out to each individual class
  • Change the username of your Zoom account to your child’s name. Alternatively email me letting me know the name on the Zoom profile your child will be using to join the class. This way I can be sure I am only letting the relevant students in. Please do this the day before.
  • I will mute all students so I am on the main screen once the children start dancing. I will unmute on occasions to get some feedback from the students when necessary but I will mute them again before we continue with the class.
  • Ensure you have the right security settings in place on the devices being used for the class.
  • Stay with your children when they are taking part in these online classes.
  • Log out of your Zoom account after the class.

Safe Practice

  • Where possible students must dance in their regular dance wear. If additional layers are worn they must be well-fitted to prevent injury.
  • Each class will start with a warm up and end with a cool down
  • Hair must be tied back for all classes.
  • Ballet shoes must be worn for ballet classes.
  • The space in which the students are dancing must be clear of potential hazards