We hold classes in modern and tap dance for pupils of Year 2 and above. In the early sages we combine the modern and tap into one class of 45 minutes. Elements of contemporary dance are included in the modern syllabus so we don't hold separate contemporary classes until the pupils are slightly older. Pupils have the opportunity to take exams in ISTD modern if they choose to, more information on exams and in-house assessments can be found on the 'Exams' page. 

What is the difference between modern and contemporary dance?

We are asked this question many times. In the early staged there isn't much that differentiates the two. They both use some of the basic elements of classical ballet (balance and control) as a starting point and encourage more freedom and exploration in the movements. They encompass floor-work, use of breathing and relaxation.

However, once they start to develop the various styles as they get older, they start to stand apart more. Modern dance expresses more theatrical dance styles for example: lyrical; musical theatre; jazz; commercial; hip-hop. Movements tend to be influenced by the style of music used. Whereas contemporary dance is broader and more inclusive, encouraging conceptual exploration and works to translate current-day culture.